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Better Sex But No Marriage

Like the rest of the girls at cheap escorts, I have always dreamed of getting married. Now, after many years, I think I have finally found the right man for me. We met on a London escorts date and fell in love more or less right away. He is the most handsome man that I […]

I Like Younger Men Am I A Cougar

When I split up with my husband, I felt like I wanted to change my entire life. I was not really in the mood for love, so for awhile, I did all of those other things that I had always wanted to do. The best thing that you could say was that I was happy […]

The Young Escort And The Older Man

Julie had decided that it if she was going to make it in the city, she was going to have to be an escort. She couldn’t find work that could pay the high rent where she had decided to move to. She had a roommate because to rent an apartment you must be twenty-one to […]