I Like Younger Men Am I A Cougar

When I split up with my husband, I felt like I wanted to change my entire life. I was not really in the mood for love, so for awhile, I did all of those other things that I had always wanted to do. The best thing that you could say was that I was happy in my own little world, and I just went about my business. It was not until a friend of mine arranged a party, my eyes opened up to a brand new world. To be honest, I could not believe myself when I met this really nice young guy at her party. At the time I did not know that he worked for London escorts, but when I found out, it did not really seem to matter.

At the moment, I am still not really into personal relationships. I feel a bit burned but I also like to enjoy life. Dating younger guys from London escorts is really working for me. But, I don’t understand why so many women look at me in a funny way when I am out with one of my hot guys from the male London escorts service that I use. They seem to point to them and notice that they are younger than I am. It does bother me, and I have only just realized that Ageism is indeed a problem in the UK.

The guys that I date from male London escorts, say that they come across this problem a lot. Almost ever male London escort that I have met has said that he has noticed this and all of the guys have got a story to tell. It seems that it is acceptable for gents to date young pretty female cheap London escorts, but anybody over 50 apparently should not date male London escorts. It is really terrible and I think that it is wrong.

I do enjoy the company of all the guys from male London escorts services. Yes, we do spend personal time together, but there is a lot more to it than that. We go shopping and to dinner. I would say that my relationship with male London escorts is not any different from the guys who date female London escorts. After all, we are adults who like to have fun together. What is the big deal?

My girlfriends were a bit surprise at first. Well, that is all apart from my friend who introduced me to male London escorts. She is in the same boat as me, and she says that it is a solution that really works for her. I am not going to be bothered about what other people may think or say. Life is too short and I am just focusing on enjoying the company of my nice boys from male London escorts services. Surely there is no harm in that at all. I think that we should just let people enjoy their lives, and not get so hung up about the minor details. After all, age is just a number.

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