The Young Escort And The Older Man

Julie had decided that it if she was going to make it in the city, she was going to have to be an escort. She couldn’t find work that could pay the high rent where she had decided to move to. She had a roommate because to rent an apartment you must be twenty-one to sign a lease, and she was only 18. She had to come up with her half of the bills and there was nowhere that was hiring that would allow her to live in that area. She decided that being an escort would be a fun career move and would give her leg up literally.

Her first few dates were intimidating but she managed to make it through. Once they had sex she was out the door and rushed home to shower and change. She tried to forget those instances. It wasn’t so bad, though. The guys were pretty, young and attractive. It likened it to picking up a guy at a bar for a one-night stand except she got paid for it.

One night she got a call to meet an older gentleman at his hotel room. She was nervous because she had never been with an older man before. She was hoping that it would be quick and she could get back home with her money to shower and enjoy the rest of her evening. When she arrived, James answered the door and let her in. She immediately felt uncomfortable. When she looked at him she thought he looked like one of her dad’s friends. He looked to be around fifty and she felt like she was doing something wrong. She tried to make small talk hoping that it would ease her tension. He didn’t say much. A few words were spoken to acknowledge that she was there.

He walked to her without a word. He started pulling her clothes off unceremoniously. She complied but was rather shocked. He pulled her underwear down and thrust his fingers inside of her. She froze and just stood there looking surprised. He pulled her over to the bed and bent her over onto her hands and rammed his cock inside of her. He thrust as hard as he could. He continued for several minutes while she wished she could make sense of everything. She had never had an encounter like this one. She wanted to hate it but she didn’t which made the situation even more unnerving. He suddenly let out a loud groan and gave a final deep thrust and then it was over.

She ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself off and splashed water on her face. She walked out and he handed her money and tossed a business card at her. He simply said goodbye. She ran out of the door to her car and peeled out of the parking lot. She felt dirty but she knew she would be back.

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